Eric Piras manages the international distribution (excluding USA) for a few major players in the tobacco field, providing advertising, marketing and promotion services of cigars and tobacco products.

He is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the cigar field, from production to the consumer. 

His expertise is global, with an in-depth knowledge of emerging markets (Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Central & Latin America), mature markets (Europe, USA), marketing and distribution channels as well as specialized press.

He also has a very specific expertise in Greater China landscape, the market that all companies are currently eying.

Through his wide network, Eric is an ideal partner to market all tobacco products to a wide range of markets and consumers.





Bertie Cigars

Eric and his team operate Bertie Cigar Lounge in the heart of Hong Kong, featuring Habanos brands and offering a variety of brands from other terroirs such as Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.
Bertie Cigar Lounge is a Habanos Specialist.